About Us

Earl Doucette is proud to have served the insurance and retirement planning industry as a licensed professional for over 25 years. He opened Family Retirement Solutions in 2003 to be able to create customized solutions for the individual needs of his clients.  Earl specializes in safe, yet competitive investment strategies with tax advantages.

He is recognized as a top advisor by several of the most well-known insurance carriers in the nation and operates with a core of experience in life, health, retirement, investment strategies and personal insurance products.  With his vast range of expertise you can rest assure that his organization offers only the highest quality products at the best rates built completely around your needs.

Earl recognizes the need for Americans to take responsibility for their own retirement plan, instead of relying on a company or the government to provide their retirement incomes.  He can share solutions with you that may help you achieve and exceed your financial goals throughout retirement, while minimizing a number of risk factors.
He has also provides many businesses, self employed, and individuals with health insurance products. He has provided his professional consulting expertise to help keep his clients keep premiums affordable, without compromising benefits. If you’re looking for someone that is honest, have the highest integrity, and your best interest at hand The Insurance Professor is the agency you should be working with.


Earl Docette